Real Business:

Airlines must offer a personalized experience or pay the price


Recent research shows that the airline industry is under intense pressure, and only 22% of people care who they fly with. This is opening more opportunity for airlines to capitalize on, by improving the overall passenger experience through innovation. VP of Design, Heather Martin was featured in Real Business this week, exploring the emerging role that digital technology can play to create more personal in-flight experiences and increase customer engagement.

An expert in the fields of experience and service design, Heather explains how brands can continue to be innovative and leverage brand partnerships, and notes, “There is a multitude of opportunities in the personalization field: knowing peoples’ food preferences, allergies, favourite genres of films and music, and it could be the key difference between a customer’s good or bad experience…Providing better services, or even new partnerships that allow people can watch, listen or read content at 35,000 feet may prove more differentiating than a simple loyalty scheme.”

A second crucial component to the development of new airline technologies is design: providing user-friendly platforms that don’t require guidance from a cabin crew or airport staff. Other small steps can be taken to provide passengers comfort, but what will disrupt the industry and bring value to passengers is the opportunity in the personalization field.

Heather recently created NEXT, an experimental, highly personalized in-flight entertainment platform, inspired by her recent experiences working across the airline and mobility sectors. Visit Real Business to read the full article.

Oct 2017