Redefining Creative Leadership & Management


In Vol. 33, No. 1. issue of dmi:Review: Redefining Creative Leadership & Management – 12 design managers were asked to capture their thoughts and experiences about “redefining creative leadership & management in the era of Covid and beyond;” specifically, how Covid has impacted them and their teams from its start until now—the beginning of the third year of the pandemic.

Richard Whitehall provided a response on how Smart Design has learned to organize and share information and knowledge online.

What new or unexpected new opportunities has the pandemic presented for you/your team?

As we’ve all been adapting to working remotely, work life and home life are intermingling. We’ve seen an increase in empathy for our colleagues’ personal situations and the need to get things done in a more flexible way. People are more transparent in when they might need time to do something during the day, and asynchronous collaboration tools have made this more possible. We also get a window into our clients’ lives, and they into ours, which promotes greater understanding when working on high-pressure, high-stakes projects.


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Mar 2022