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Smart Design and OXO create the perfect Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Smart Design and their longtime partner, OXO, collaborated to design a compact cold brew coffee maker that is small but mighty. Global Design News recently reported on the benefits of this functional and aesthetic cold brew coffee maker that includes many features that both seasoned and novice cold brew makers will appreciate.

When your countertops and refrigerator shelves are short on space, you need a compact coffee maker that will deliver cold brew without taking over your kitchen.

Designed by Smart Design and OXO, this compact cold brew coffee maker from OXO is functionally and aesthetically fit for the task.

Details like a cork stopper with a silicone seal and a borosilicate glass carafe retain an upscale feeling while remaining practical and accessible to cold brew novices.

Even though the brewer is only 5.25 inches wide, it still makes enough coffee concentrate to last you a whole week.

Just add water and let it pour over your coffee grounds and steep for 12 to 24 hours. The petite glass carafe even comes with a cork stopper to keep your brew fresh for days.

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Jul 2021