Smart Design reveals AI-powered flying companion


Smart Design revealed the travel concept KITE during the Passenger Experience Conference in Hamburg. KITE, aimed at helping airlines build trusted relationships with anxious flyers, is an AI-supported flying companion that is not only with you before, during and after the flight, but can connect you to human support.

KITE could potentially be connected to an airline’s inflight entertainment system and would ideally build a longstanding relationship with a passenger, learning about their habits, stress triggers, preferences and coping techniques over time.

“Even before you’re in the stressful moment of prepping to go to the airport or getting on a flight, we can start learning about you and getting to know you – by finding out when you feel calm and safe, and what triggers your anxiety,” said Smart Design’s Nate Giraitis during his keynote on personalization at the Passenger Experience Conference.

You can read about KITE at FlightGlobal.com and Apex.aero.

Apr 2018