Smart wins Design for Social Impact award


Smart Design was honored today as the winner of this year’s Core 77 Design Awards, recognized for our work in the Design for Social Impact category.  Our entry, Designing for the invisible 1.5 billion, showcases our work with socially minded startup Simprints.

Founded in 2011, the Core77 Design Awards champions the principles of inclusivity, innovation, and excellence. Recognizing the broad spectrum nature of the design field globally, honorees are selected by an international panel of design leaders for their insight, integrity, and intent.

Smart Design’s work with startup Simprints was chosen for its meaningful design intent towards underserved populations in the developing world. Together we implemented a solution that contributes to Simprints’ vision of the world as they intend it to be: where every person counts. Today, more than 1.5 billion people globally lack the formal identification necessary to access the critical and essential services that will alleviate poverty – from basic healthcare, to education and finance. Smart partnered with Simprints to design a healthcare experience that ensures every medical interaction is an impactful one. The result is a seamless identification experience for healthcare workers and patients, now being implemented globally, providing crucial ongoing tracking of patients and lasting outcomes.

Smart also trained Simprints on a wide range of new design research tools, protocols and techniques so the company could continue to innovate and ensure their critical trials were a success. “Smart has been absolutely fundamental in not only improving our users’ experience, but also in completely changing our mindset as a company,” shared Alexandra Grigore, Simprints Founder.

This year’s Design for Social Impact Jury Team was led by Joe Speicher, Executive Director of the Autodesk Foundation. Joining him on the panel were Deanna Van Buren, Co-Founder of Designing Justice Designing Spaces, Fabio Sergio, Vice President of Design at frog, Heather Fleming, CEO and Co-Founder of Catapult Design, and Jason Mayden, CEO and Co-Founder of Super Heroic.

All winners and categories may be viewed online at Core77, or read on for more about our collaboration with Simprints.


Jun 2017