The 20 most compelling examples of personalization


Smart Design partnered with Gatorade and Epicore Biosystems to develop the Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch which generates personalized sports hydration recommendation so athletes can perform at their best.

Forbes recently included the Gx Sweat Patch in their 20 most compelling examples of personalization.

Personalization is everywhere in customer experience.

Customers crave brands and products that understand their needs and are made just for them. Investing in personalization efforts can pay off big for brands and drive revenue growth of 10-30%. An overwhelming 70% of consumers say they will shop exclusively with brands that personally understand them.

Personalization takes on many forms, from creating made-to-order products to leveraging AI and technology and offering strong in-store personal relationships.

High-level athletes want personalized personalization. Gatorade’s Gx platform tests and analyzes how each athlete sweats to deliver personalized sports fuel recommendations. Users apply the Gx Sweat Patch before a workout and then scan it afterward to get their unique sweat profile, including how much fluid and sodium was lost and how quickly compared to other athletes. That information creates personalized recommendations for sports refueling to reach their optimal performance and nutrition.

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Apr 2021