Smart Cities World:

Three ways autonomous vehicles will impact families


In his latest article for Smart Cities World, senior interaction designer Jasper Dekker explores how autonomous cars could change the way families travel and interact, and why the benefits of this innovation might encourage more households to shift from car ownership to sharing.

Jasper argues that the driverless car will open up the car as an extension of the home, with an endless array of activities from sleeping to play. And while this concept of connection brings a world of possibilities, so too does the ability to give elder children more independent travel, without the need to acquire a driver’s permit. Also enriched in this future will be the safeguards and controls that a parent can place on these individual and group journeys, as well as the opportunity to centralize payments through one account.

You can imagine a family plan for mobility, not dissimilar to what telecom providers and on-demand content providers such as Netflix offer. All members can benefit from a single account with one person administering.

Jasper Dekker
Senior Interaction Designer

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Nov 2018