Design Thinking:

Tucker Fort to deliver keynote at 2018 conference


Design Thinking 2018 brings together design thinkers and experts across several industries to focus on driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage through human-centered design.

Smart Design partner and expertise lead, Tucker Fort, and Gatorade’s Head of Innovation, Xavi Cortadellas will deliver a case keynote address around the theme of ecosystem innovation. They will share the story of Smart and Gatorade’s on-going partnership to develop the Gatorade Gx Sports Fuel Platform, and how they turned a sports drink into a high-tech platform for athletes.

Both speakers will discuss how innovation can generate new services and benefits beyond the core business, and dive into how powerhouse brands like Gatorade are reinventing their products, consumer experiences and business models.

The conference takes place in Austin, TX from April 23-25th, featuring design leaders and experts in UX/CX, innovation, industrial design, engineering and strategy.

Dec 2017