New York University:

UX research and design workshop to develop your startup plan


As part of the W.R. Berkeley Innovation Lab NYU Stern and this year’s $300K Entrepreneur Challenge, Smart Design will run a workshop on user experience research and design. 

Ed Laganis will lead the workshop, Developing Your Startup Plan, focusing on bringing basic elements of disruptive thinking, customer research, and business modeling to better organize and create a startup plan. Supporting him in facilitating the session, will be strategists Nicole Bacchus, Molka Fendri, and Haley Rasmussen.

The workshop will explore techniques on how to conduct evaluative research and customer discovery interviews, to generate meaningful insights. Participants will learn various prototyping methods, and how to design the right kind of tests to validate or invalidate hypotheses about products and business models.

As head of Smart’s design engineering practice, Ed has over 20 years of experience in product development, prototyping, and manufacturing in medical devices, consumer products, mobile wireless technologies, housewares, packaging, and automated manufacturing equipment. He also regularly advises entrepreneurs, new and seasoned, on new product development processes, tools, and prototyping at NYU.

Jan 2017