Prep & Go Containers

An elevated on-the-go reusable lunch solution


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    Consumer Goods
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    Customer Research, Industrial Design, Human Factors, Design for Manufacturing, Systems Engineering, Prototyping

More people are prepping a week’s worth of meals ahead of time or packing up leftovers to bring into the office for lunch.

Smart Design and OXO teamed up to elevate the on-the-go experience with Prep & Go – a line of reusable lunch and meal prep containers and accessories. 
OXO’s existing containers are a functional and popular choice for leftovers, however we wanted to rethink them to make them more travel friendly and visually refined. The Prep & Go line provides a reusable solution for lunch and meal prep needs, while also offering an elevated eating experience. 

Elevating the on-the-go experience

The material and shape of the containers were carefully considered so people would want to eat directly out of their lunch containers, rather than using traditional dinnerware. The containers have shallow, contoured surfaces instead of deep hard corners to convey a balance of space efficiency and design. To mimic the feel of real dinnerware, the containers are made from calcium-filled polypropylene, which has the appearance and feel of ceramic without the added weight and fragility. 

The Prep & Go line

With a wide range of sizes and accessories, Prep & Go is ready for lunchtime – anytime, and anywhere.
The Prep & Go line features 12 products that can be mixed and matched to meet everyone’s lunchtime and meal prep needs. 

Salad container
Sandwich container
Utensils with case
Lunch bag/tote
Ice packs
5-cup container
4-cup divided
2-cup divided
3-cup container
Container with colander
1.9-cup container
Snack on the go

Versatile and functional

Each container was created with a specific use-case in mind but can be used for various needs. The salad container makes it easy to keep your salad crispy by having a shallow tray for storing toppings, such as grilled chicken or salmon. But the container can just as easily be used for a sandwich and snacks or oatmeal and mix-ins. The options are endless. The containers are made from lightweight BPA-free plastic that is also dishwasher safe.

The Prep & Go line also includes an Insulated Lunch Tote, a product that was made taking cues from OXO’s sister brand, Hydro Flask. We reviewed their existing model and revamped it for the OXO brand, including making it from 11.5 recycled plastic bottles, having a roomy interior, and an expandable top section. The result is a durable tote that fits any size Prep & Go Container, that is also better for the planet.

We worked hand-in-hand with OXO to develop a gasket that would provide a leakproof seal without requiring too much effort for the user to attach the lid and vessel. The new gasket allowed us to move away from a four-tab lid to a two-tab lid, as it provided the same level of leakproof security while minimizing bulk. The flat lids and sleek shape also save space in the fridge, while the nesting design allows for compact storage.

The Prep & Go line was launched in July 2021 and is available at and other select retailers. 

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