Designing for health equity: Building inclusive healthcare experiences

Strategy Director

About the salon

Smart Design and the Service Design Network co-hosted a conversation on designing for health equity. Three leaders from healthcare, design, and non-profit sectors explored questions on how design can dismantle barriers to accessing quality healthcare, the role cultural competency plays in patient experience, and how technology can bridge the gap for healthcare access.

About the panelists

Carol Massá is a Service Design Lead at Northwell Health. Her expertise in service design will shed light on improving the digital user experience for patients navigating large healthcare systems.

V Lee is a Design Lead at Public Policy Lab. V will bring their experience using design to address social issues, focusing on their project around improving youth mental health access.

Attia Taylor is Founder at Womanly Magazine and will share insights on how she uses visual and literary art to provide accessible health information to women and non-binary people. She is also the Associate Director of Digital Content Strategy at Planned Parenthood.

About Cameron Hanson

Cameron Hanson is a Strategy Director at Smart Design who leads multidisciplinary teams to tackle human issues for big brands. As an expert in design research and service design, she uses her skills to understand people’s needs and wants to create strategies for improved products and services. Notable clients include Capital One, Meta, Google, Harley-Davidson, and the US Department of Agriculture. Cameron has an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design from Parsons School of Design.

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