SDN: Experimenting with GenAI in design research

Strategy Director

About the event

We’ve all heard the buzz about how GenAI will transform our design. Whether you’re already a GenAI expert, or you’re a skeptic wanting to learn more, this talk is for you. Smart Design hosted the Service Design Network (SDN) New York Chapter for an encore presentation from the SDN Global Conference in Berlin.

Cameron Hanson, Strategy Director, guided us through practical ways to integrate GenAI into the design research process. She shared what she learned by conducting three experiments using GenAI for synthetic users, research synthesis, and in-person ideation. 

About Service Design Network

The Service Design Network (SDN) is the leading non-profit institution for expertise in service design and a driver of global growth, development, and innovation within the practice. Through national and international events, online and print publications, and coordination with academic institutions, their member-based network connects multiple roles within agencies, businesses, and government to strengthen the impact of service design within the public and private sectors.

About Cameron Hanson

Cameron Hanson is a Strategy Director at Smart Design who leads multidisciplinary teams to tackle human issues for big brands. As an expert in design research and service design, she uses her skills to understand people’s needs and wants to create strategies for improved products and services. Notable clients include Capital One, Meta, Google, Harley-Davidson, and the US Department of Agriculture. Cameron has an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design from Parsons School of Design.

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