Inspiring meaningful innovation

Insights ground us in the real world and inspire us to think boldly about the future. They bridge observations and actions, taking us from 'What' to 'So What' to 'Now What.' Our teams look broadly at existing knowledge to tailor and focus our research efforts. We use a constantly evolving range of design research methods to immerse ourselves in the diverse people and contexts at the heart of any problem.

Our powerful insights have helped our clients reinvent categories, based on previously unidentified needs, and deeper empathy for their customers. Contact us to learn more about our innovation process.

Cultural Insight

We help organizations understand people within the context of culture. Our experience spans geographical regions, socio-economic groups, age and ability, sub-cultures, and belief systems. We go beyond surface observations to uncover people’s hidden truths. We richly communicate our learning to empower our clients to drive innovation within their organizations.

Femme Den

We help organizations ‘get’ women: what they value, what they want, and how they think. Women demand more from products and services, and present a great opportunity to inspire better design for all. Across categories we help organizations develop the empathy required to craft experiences that resonate with women across ages and stages.

Experience Insight

We develop insights based on understanding specific tasks and situations. By establishing clear criteria for every moment of a journey with a product or service, we uncover new opportunities and maintain design intent.

System Insight

We consider all the people engaged in delivering a product or service, whether service representatives, channels, partners, sales people, or communities. We look at where needs overlap to ensure that we not only satisfy the end-user, but also everyone else engaged in the manufacturing and delivery process.