Saving good women from bad design. The Femme Den is an internal design lab focused on the female consumer. We’re designers, researchers, strategists and engineers who bridge the gap between assumptions and realities when it comes to designing for women.

Smart Design's internal design lab focused on the female consumer.

Femme Den has grown into a leading team of researchers, designers, and engineers who are paving the way for a deeper understanding around design and gender. Members speak around the world on the topic, working to stimulate positive change in the design and business communities.


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Femme Den’s Thoughts


Getting Gender Design Right

Today, it’s far too common for companies to create beautiful and interesting products without a real consideration for why they’re…

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Inspired by women, solutions for all

Hospital scrubs are not an obvious product with a gender story, but they are an interesting example of what the…

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“Heck, it’s just prettier,” says the New York Times

Women today ask a lot of their bakeware. They demand efficiency for harried weekdays, yet a casual and elegant aesthetic…

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Saving good women from bad design

The Femme Den is a design lab focused on the female consumer, powered by Smart Design. We’re designers, researchers, strategists and…

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WATCH: Professor Maura Belliveau on gender

We were very happy to have Maura Belliveau of Long Island University C.W. Post and Emory University come to Smart…

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How a gadget can draw women while impressing men

Good technology doesn’t necessarily have to be overly complicated. Just look at the Flip video camera, whose intuitive UI appealed…

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Men and women can love the same design for different reasons

Transparent design aims to appeal to everyone, but understanding gender differences is still essential to developing a product that resonates…

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Why girly designs directed at women often backfire

Women don’t always take kindly to being isolated by gender or being told that they’re “different.” There needs to be…

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Women are 85% of the consumer market. But how do you reach them?

“Approach women like you do wild animals, with caution and a soothing voice.” I have to agree. Targeting a female…

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Gendered medicine

Women’s roles in medicine have been gaining prominence for decades but the products they use have not kept pace. Considering…

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