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Press: February 17, 2015

Food Product Design: How design can help kids eat their broccoli

Joey Zeledón offers advice to food companies and brands to help them make fruits and veggies more desirable to kids.

Announcement: February 4, 2015

Drinkfinity beverage system launches in Brazil

Smart Design partners with PepsiCo to develop Drinkfinity, a revolutionary new beverage brand and platform, currently in limited launch in Brazil.

Press: February 2, 2015

PSFK: Seven stories you need to know today

PSFK’s round up of some of the best innovation stories of the week includes our design vision for a health insurance card of the future, first profiled in Fast Company.

Event: February 2, 2015

Gordon Hui to speak at the Internet of Things World conference

Gordon Hui, Smart Design’s Vice President of Strategy, will participate in an IoT user experience design panel at the upcoming 2nd annual Internet of Things World conference.

Event: February 2, 2015

Carla Diana to speak at Cooper Hewitt robotics event

Smart Fellow Carla Diana will participate in a panel event at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum entitled “Robot Invasion: Are Smart Products Running Your Life?”

Press: January 30, 2015

Fast Company: Nudge concept app hopes to point pre-diabetics toward a healthier lifestyle

Fast Company profiles our Nudge concept app aimed at helping pre-diabetics—people with a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes—change their eating habits and make better decisions at retail.

Press: January 30, 2015

Design Taxi: Smart redesign concept of the health insurance card functions like an iPhone

Design Taxi writes about our design vision for a new health insurance card that would make patient health care more tangible and meaningful. Also covered by Fast Company.

Press: January 27, 2015

Fast Company: The iPhone of health insurance cards

What if the health insurance card could make patients feel more connected to their provider and be useful to both parties? Fast Company explores our design vision for making patient health care more tangible and meaningful.

Press: January 2, 2015

Daily News Journal: Nissan taxi set to take over NYC

New York City’s Taxi & Limousine Commission has set April 20 as the program start date for the “Taxi of Tomorrow” program, which calls for most retiring taxis to be replaced with the Nissan NV200. Nissan had engaged with Smart Design and others on the initiative.

Press: December 8, 2014

newdesign: An inside look at Smart Design’s new London studio

newdesign magazine editor Alistair Welch recently visited our new London studio where he spoke to studio lead Sean O’Connor and creative director Heather Martin to learn more about our work, our approach to design, and our plans in Europe.

Event: December 4, 2014

Beautiful Users: Smart Design included in Cooper Hewitt Design Museum exhibition

Smart Design’s work on the Neato Botvac and OXO Good Grips product line will be included in the Beautiful Users exhibition, which marks the reopening of the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum.

Press: November 24, 2014

WIRED: Designing a connected home that isn’t chaos

In their latest opinion piece in WIRED, John Kiechel and Louisa Heinrich discuss ways to avoid chaos in today’s connected homes. “On the surface, adding a bit of tech-enabled intelligence to everyday objects seems like it could do us a lot of good, but it could also make things a good deal more difficult.”

Press: November 19, 2014

PSFK: Water Watcher device monitors consumption via sink in real-time

PSFK takes a look at Water Watcher, our connected device gadget that displays how much water is being used – and wasted – in the home via an LED indicator and an app.

Awards: November 11, 2014

Smart Design wins two Spark Awards for Water Watcher

Smart Design wins two Spark Awards for Water Watcher, a connected device to help monitor water usage.

Press: November 3, 2014

WIRED: Rejoice, tomorrow’s tech will probably stop nagging us

Kelsey O’Callaghan’s latest WIRED opinion piece on why invisible technology may just be the next new luxury.

Press: October 29, 2014

WIRED: The wonderful possibilities of connecting your fridge to the Internet

Dan Saffer’s latest WIRED opinion piece on how to avoid the pitfalls of a meaningless ‘connected fridge’ and how to make connected home products a means to an end for better relationships in our homes.

Press: October 22, 2014

WIRED: Forget cheetah blades. This prosthetic socket is a real breakthrough

When technology meets thoughtful design: WIRED explores our collaboration with LIM Innovations to revolutionize the prosthetics industry and improve the lives of amputees.

Press: October 14, 2014

Harvard Business Review: The Internet of Things is more than just a bunch of refrigerators

Harvard Business Review explores the Internet of Things, which includes commentary from Gordon Hui, Smart’s Director of Business Design.

Press: October 8, 2014

PSFK: Printed tech envisions personalized monitoring and treatment devices

PARC and Smart Design share a design vision for a smart patch that measures health or delivers medication that can be applied to the skin like a BandAid.

Press: October 7, 2014

WIRED: Personalizing prosthetics

For its Design 2014 issue, WIRED collected 13 exemplars that encompass everything from big ideas to novel forms of expression – including our client LIM Innovations and its revolutionary prosthetics technology.