Customer Research and Insights


Everything at Smart starts with understanding behavior. Not just human behavior to discover what people want and need. But also how entire systems behave—from social and technical systems to environmental and political ones, too.

It helps us identify the motivations and patterns from which we develop meaningful insights. We use these key insights about behavior to identify the right opportunities for your business.

Customer research and insights involve a variety of approaches— immersive market research, competitive landscape audits and customer journey mapping, to name a few. At the highest level, it’s all about understanding how your product, service or experience should be positioned in the market—and then giving you a strategic roadmap to make that new position a reality.


  • Customer research and insights
  • Quantitative user research
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Competitive landscape audits
  • User and usability testing
  • Trend and market research
  • Ethnographic research


Additional Service Offerings: Business & Organizational Design, Product & Service Design, Engineering & Technology