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Brandy Fowler, Jamie Nicholson
January 30, 2015

Making health care tangible in an increasingly intangible world

Your health insurance card is like a security blanket in a wallet, acting as a tangible gateway into today’s complex...

Brandy Fowler
January 22, 2015

Embrace uncertainty to successfully pilot new offerings

Large corporations, under increasing pressure to make bigger and bolder shifts, have started to turn to pilots as a way...

Russell Blanchard
January 17, 2015

CES 2015: Brands fail to deliver meaning in a connected world

A record number of visitors attended the recent International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas for an inside look...

Richard Whitehall
January 13, 2015

New year, new relationships

This is the time of year we cast aside the past and look toward the future with a fresh perspective....

Heather Martin
January 12, 2015

How to create a truly revolutionary TV experience

There’s no question that we’re in the midst of a major historical shift: from watching TV to watching video, including...

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Gordon Hui
November 11, 2014

Smart Salon: The Internet of Why

With more than 100 billion connected devices in the world, Internet adoption at an all-time high, and the costs of...

Anna Shaw
Anna Shaw
October 15, 2014

Femme Den: Why I didn’t pursue a STEM education, but I hope you do

In celebration of Ada Lovelace Day and her contributions to math and science, Smart Design Creative Director Anna Shaw writes...

Kelsey O'Callaghan
Kelsey O’Callaghan
September 26, 2014

Water Watcher: a new way to monitor residential water use

California is in the midst of its worst drought in 500 years. In February, Governor Jerry Brown declared a state...

Jessi Pervola
August 11, 2014

Femme Den: Why Under Armour gets women

This week, Under Armour (who also happens to be one of my all-time favorite clients) released a new campaign to...

Russell Blanchard
August 11, 2014

What experience designers can learn from Martha Stewart

You can liken the experience of spending time with people in their homes to experiencing a brand. When you enter...