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Richard Whitehall
May 17, 2016

How to design with a balance of “optimism and realism”

Originally published at Smart Design is a New York and London-based agency that’s tackled one heck of a project:...

Gordon Hui
April 27, 2016

Penn Healthcare Innovation Challenge

Smart Design’s recent collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania and the Penn Healthcare system emphasizes our commitment...

Sarah Szeflinski
March 24, 2016

Femme Den: A human centered approach to our work and workplace policy

Every day, Smart Design faces complex problems head-on and uses a human-centered approach to find meaningful solutions to them....

illus_POV_Internet of How-03
Smart Design
March 17, 2016

IoH: Piloting as a Learning Tool

Connected products require tight collaboration between hardware and software teams; the physical object and the software which...

illus_POV_Internet of How-02
Smart Design
March 14, 2016

IoH: Recognize the Need to Partner

Recognize the Need to Partner A well thought out partnership strategy can ensure delivering success on time and budget at...

illus_POV_Internet of How-01[1]
Smart Design
March 9, 2016

IoH: Providing Meaning to End Users

Often in the world of IoT, new products and services end up as novelty successes with very short term or...

Smart Design
March 7, 2016

The Internet of How

Once a “browser in a box” experience, the internet now thrives and expands as a mesh of interconnected products and...

Daniel Huang - Photo Presentation
Daniel Huang
February 29, 2016

Will the Microsoft HoloLens fail like Google Glass?

Microsoft recently presented a vision of the future, where HoloLens is used to watch a sports game on TV. Microsoft...

Jamie Nicholson - Photo Presentation
Jamie Nicholson
January 26, 2016

Trending Trends of 2016

Smart Design did the heavy lifting so you don’t have to, pouring through over two-dozen different design, branding, tech and...

How to design smarter in 2016-05_resize-05[2]
Richard Whitehall
January 13, 2016

Progress Over Perfection: How to design smarter in 2016

As businesses feel increasing pressure from both traditional competitors and new entrants, design teams are tackling more complex...