Facing new challenges through new conversations

The kitchen electric’s market is oversaturated and yet, there’s still plenty of room to innovate. By empowering people to think about what these appliances enabled them to do, OXO could shift the conversation from the commonplace features packed into the design. What’s currently on the market boasts bells and whistles, but doesn’t emphasize the actual food or beverages customers are trying to make.

Until now, OXO never released small kitchen appliances and this posed a completely new challenge for them. Smart saw an opportunity to apply our shared human centered methodology toward electrics and shift the conversation around them. OXO products are for the every-man, and by allowing design to do the heavy lifting OXO products enable anyone in the kitchen to reach the best outcomes with less effort.

This line provides a meaningful extension of the OXO brand through refined technology. Smart and OXO weren’t trying to leverage new technology as much as refine what currently exists to deliver the best results. OXO is a familiar brand, they wanted their new appliances to feel familiar to customers and embody what they’ve come to know and love over the years.



Enabling features enhance product performance

Each product included an “enabling feature” which helps people maintain control and accuracy. Each product’s offering is clear and simple, enforced by an intuitive, seamless experience. For example, Smart designed the coffee maker according to SCAA standards, so the design and features would produce the “golden cup” of coffee. Engineering and design came together to meet these high standards. The blenders featured an illuminating LED light, which helped people easily see what they were stirring at any speed. By motorizing the toaster people can easily monitor their toast depending on their specific preferences.

Each product eliminates waste and extra fuss. By focusing on product performance, Smart mastered the science of what the products do, be it boiling water or rotating blades, and worked backwards. Smart and OXO aligned on the primary ways customers would use each appliance and applied these “enabling features” to make them more efficient in addition to digital interfaces that are easy to follow. Each product includes these touches that reflect the refined technology and precision that define OXO’s reputation.

The starting point for this inaugural line began with this question: How can design make experiences easier and more meaningful? Through OXO On, innovation shifts the conversation back to people, the core of any product experience.