Entering a new category with a strong vision and innovative product design

The kids’ category is crowded with bright and colorful cartoon characters and animals, so we knew the Tot offering would need to distinguish its offering. By leveraging OXO’s 20-year legacy of bringing Universal Design to the mass market, we created a line of innovative cleaning and feeding tools that parents would trust and feel comfortable purchasing. Since its launch in Fall 2010, the Tot line has taken OXO into new retail channels, won numerous design awards and continues to be a high-growth segment for the company.


A desire to “teach and grow”

Tot is a comprehensive line of baby products that grows with children as they learn how to eat and drink by themselves. It’s also designed as a modular and thoughtful set of tools for parents — keeping things organized, tidy and clean so more time is spent bonding with children, instead of cleaning up after them.

Subtle, sanitary, thoughtful, contemporary and modular – Tot’s simple and unfussy designs help the line blend into everyday life. Special design elements help wet items dry faster and remain sanitary. We helped them develop clever features like weighted rubber grips to help kids as they grow and learn. Clean lines create a modern look families are happy to live with for years. A flexible system of containers and lids work together to reduce clutter and stress.

Baby gets a seat at the table

The award-winning Tot Sprout chair is one of the few high chairs on the market that grows with a child during his or her development stages. The seat height, footrest and tray are all adjustable, which gives stability and comfort to baby from six months to five years of age. Not only does it comply with strict safety regulations, the Sprout chair is also designed to meet the tough standards of moms and dad. For instance, the detachable tray can be removed swiftly with just one hand, leaving the other free to hold the baby.


Cute…the OXO way

Tot is a brand new category for OXO, which meant new identity and packaging design that would retain the original OXO brand essence while standing out in the hyper-color world of kids. When meeting with parents, especially moms, we learned a lot about the psychology of the “cute factor” and how we could interpret it for OXO. This research inspired us to incorporate illustrations in a modern, fresh way to reference the nurturing relationship between parent and child. The result is a commercially successful brand extension that introduces the OXO brand to the youngest and fussiest generation.