Becoming an Organization

100RC began as a 100 year anniversary competition issued by the Rockefeller Foundation. However, as the program became more successful, the foundation needed to shift the initiative from being a temporary program to becoming an established organization that is built for the long haul. Doing so required 100RC to create a separate strategy and brand that were distinct from the Rockefeller Foundation, yet scalable across the various member cities.

Gaining Courage Through Strategy

As a part of our project, Smart Design met with various stakeholders to understand success criteria, opportunities, and concerns, as well as the implications for a what a vibrant 100RC brand should enable. Through a series of workshops, we collaborated with the 100RC team and their stakeholders to align on the target audience, hierarchy, and overall positioning. After many discussions, an insight emerged: Everyone involved in enabling a resilient city—100RC, city leaders, partners, and city residents—are linked by their “courage”. As a result, courage became the basis for 100RC’s brand equity and resultant identity.

Bringing the Brand to Life

After the workshops, Smart Design explored a series of design directions for bringing courage to life, including visual identity, color palettes, and graphical elements. While some concepts heavily emphasized the master brand, other approaches pushed more on the individuality of different cities. After further refinement, the final brand identity ultimately arrived at one treatment which was delivered to the 100RC client as a logo, which elegantly conveys the 100RC vision and is scalable to each city, and a supporting style guide, with specific articulation around vision, voice, values, and look and feel for the future of 100RC.

100 RC 2


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Smart Design is excited by the mission of 100 Resilient Cities, and we are honored to have collaborated on 100RC’s evolution. To learn more about this incredible organization, click here.