The Idea

To coordinate this charitable evening, Smart Design developed a thoughtful and engaging communication system. The inspiration for the charity was a young boy battling cancer named Liam Witt. Thus, the illustrated logo features a selection of Liam’s favorite things and serves as a positive reminder of the children at the center of this noble cause. The words, colors and materials used throughout the event, complimented the high caliber of cuisine served by more than 20 award-winning chefs including¬†Jonathan Benno, Dan Kluger and Michael Anthony. The meaningful invitation was powerful in attracting the attention of compassionate¬†supporters.

Chefs for Kids 1

Chefs for Kids 2

The Outcome

Hundreds of people attended the inaugural¬†Chefs for Kid’s Cancer event, which sold out in five weeks before the date and, within a few hours of the event, the organization raised nearly $1 million for pediatric cancer research. The communication system proved to be a significant driver in drawing more participation to fundraising initiatives, and the Chefs for Kids’ Cancer events continue to leverage this system annually.

Smart Design is honored to work with Cookies for Kids Cancer. To learn more, click here.