Do people really care about energy?

We dived into user research to find out. We needed to understand the ways people interact with appliances and electronics so households can save electricity without sacrificing comfort. We applied this knowledge to our design of the EnergyHub Home Base, the system’s central command unit, and the brand’s packaging and retail communications strategy to educate consumers and keep them engaged.


Making it easy to save energy

Our research inspired three new physical buttons on the Home Base unit that mirror people’s daily routines: “At Home,” “Away” and “Goodnight.” Each button is linked to the home’s HVAC system and can turn individual products on and off with one touch. We also created packaging concepts that strike the right balance between approachable and instructional. The key was to mix the various benefits of the EnergyHub system — dollar savings, environmental impact and comfort — so it would be a compelling purchase for the broadest range of consumers.

Winning early adopters and new financing

EnergyHub debuted the new Home Base design in early 2011 at various industry events including DistribuTECH in San Diego and SXSW Interactive in Austin, where they connected with like-minded people and signed up early adopters for a beta test phase. As proof of the company’s potential, EnergyHub announced an additional $14.5 million in venture capital funding just a few months later in August 2011.