Surgeons approve of the distinct sound cues that cut through the noisy OR environment.
Nurses appreciate the simplified setup and the fact that errors are clear and easy to solve.
Technicians praise the fact that it tracks usage and prompts for replacements and upkeep.
The right information at the right time

We designed the user interface to only deliver vital information at the right time so doctors and nurses can focus on the specific task at hand. Meaningful audio feedback reduces a new surgeon’s learning curve and makes the device more intuitive to operate. And on-screen diagnostics help nurses resolve error conditions more efficiently.

Thoughtful, simple and portable

The operating theater is a high-energy, high-stress environment. Our design challenge was to redesign the advanced energy generator so the OR team could troubleshoot problems quickly and get back to their top priority: caring for patients.

While dependable operation was obviously a priority, we also spent a significant part of the project focused on developing a solution that would integrate with the OR staff’s usage patterns as well as their other required equipment.

Earning approval in the OR

With its simplicity, the EES Generator stands in stark comparison to the dozens of pieces of highly technical OR equipment that can be complex and intimidating.

It’s launched in hospitals around the UK and US and with its simplified and unique user experience, is already setting a new standard for capital equipment in today’s operating rooms. “I have never seen any medical device with a UI that impressive. I think it really rivals UI in the consumer world,” said a project director at EES.