Our solution was the Wonder Grip, which we created specifically for small mouths and chubby hands. The new design features a wider grip to fit little hands with less manual dexterity, an angled neck that spins to reach back teeth and a smaller head that makes it to all areas of the mouth. We also added a suction cup base as a fun reward for getting the job done right. While the Wonder Grip was a huge step away from previous “stick handle” designs, we still made sure to retain the most important Reach brand attribute — the very recognizable angle of the toothbrush head.

The new Wonder Grip design became the number one seller within three months of launch. Remarkably, they’ve stayed on the market unchanged for 20 years, selling an incredible 15 million units every year. The new direction also made Johnson & Johnson see an opportunity to redesign their adult toothbrushes — a move quickly followed by other companies in the oral care category.