Redesigning a brand for a new generation

Sally Hansen came to Smart when its La Cross brand began to fall out of favor with retailers and its SKUs were dropped from the shelf. While this situation isn’t uncommon, it was a wakeup call for the parent company. La Cross products were overlapping with those of its competitors and its once-unique positioning was badly eroded.

We saw an opportunity for the Sally Hansen brand to step into a new category: home beauty tools. The collaboration resulted in more than 30 new products and a brand identity makeover that was applied to everything from in-store merchandising to advertising.


Packaging that connects with shoppers at shelf

We reimagined the Sally Hansen packaging with fresh colors and a transparent system that lets shoppers touch and inspect the product in the store. The at-shelf experience was also complemented by a lighthearted brand voice that spoke to a new generation of beauty consumers and proved to be one of the stickiest elements of the new line.

Winning over the do-it-better-yourself buyer

While getting back on the shelf was the original goal, the real results happened at home. The new products and brand personality showed a keen understanding of today’s DIY beauty expert. She has a quick-fix weekday routine, a more comprehensive weekend routine and looks for expert-quality products that can satisfy both. Our goal was to create tools she could rely on and would pick up again and again.

In the end, we not only refreshed the Sally Hansen brand, we managed the entire design and product development process — from initial user research to product tooling and manufacturing hand-off. By early 2011, the new Sally Hansen products were on store shelves in drugstores and supermarkets across North America. Through our collaboration, we helped the Sally brand break into a new category and establish a genuine rapport with a fresh generation of customers.