Slendertone’s customers strive to achieve ‘noticeably more toned’ abs in six weeks, however many of them stop using the Slendertone Abs product beyond four weeks. Smart conceived a support service that could track and manage workouts, providing the additional motivation customers needed to maintain their fitness routine past the four week drop off period.

In order to understand the psychology and motivation driving workouts, Smart met with athletes at various stages of their development – ranging from “Couch to 5k beginners” to hardcore marathon runners and gym fanatics. From these interviews, Smart extracted and defined the various stages of behavior change across fitness levels. By analyzing Slendertone’s customer segments Smart uncovered a viable business opportunity. To define what the product-service experience should be Smart co-created alongside consumers, Slendertone’s team and their technology partner, Synapse.

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Slendertone’s Connect Abs product includes a wireless ab belt controlled from a smartphone. Additionally, a service delivered through the Slendertone Connect App allows customers to manage and track workouts. The app features personalized recommendations to suit each individual’s needs and goals.

By removing the barriers that prevented each consumer from attaining their fitness goals, Smart expanded Slendertone’s business and offered genuinely better results for customers. Connect Abs differentiates Slendertone from their competitors and also revalidates the effectiveness of electro-muscular stimulation to consumers. This product represents the first point on a product roadmap that will continue to position Slendertone as leaders in their category.

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