Designed to grow with a child’s body, from newborn to toddler, the Life Stages line of three thermometers incorporates a simple digital interface that provides professional accuracy – and peace of mind at home. For Vicks, this meant an opportunity to grab more shelf space with three products versus competitors’ one.

What made Life Stages stand apart from competing thermometers on the market was its dedication to three specific “hot zones.” The baby rectal thermometer has a short probe tip that stops parents from over-inserting, the underarm thermometer holds comfortably in place and the oral thermometer is flexible enough to tuck easily under a child’s tongue. Each design is also waterproof for easy cleaning and includes ergonomic design accents that guide parents during use.

The Life Stages products were a radical improvement from the old-fashioned glass tube thermometers commonly sold at drugstores. The smooth, friendly shapes met the needs of the consumer by appealing to kids and putting parents at ease. From a business standpoint, Vicks gained an impressive lead in the digital thermometer category and unrivaled brand presence.