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Event: September 14, 2015

Richard Whitehall to be a Keynote Speaker at SDGC15

Richard Whitehall, Managing Partner, is giving a keynote on “Making It Real! Why Services Need Designers and Non-Designers” at the upcoming Service Design Global Conference (SDGC15).

Event: August 3, 2015

Clay Wiedemann to Speak at UKTI Webinar

Clay Wiedemann, Director of Interaction Design, will be speaking on the panel at an upcoming UKTI Webinar titled, Building the Smart Homes of the Future Today: Opportunities for UK Businesses in the USA.

Event: August 3, 2015

Joey Zeledón to Speak at Sketching Lab 2015

Joey Zeledón, Senior Industrial Designer, is sharing his sketching expertise at the upcoming Sketching Lab 2015 in San José, Costa Rica.

Press: June 17, 2015

Personal tech for women: What women want in a gadget

Ayca Cakmakli, Smart Design design strategist and Femme Den member defines what women really want in a tech gadget, contrary to the “shrink it and pink it” mentality of the past.

Press: June 8, 2015

Robot evolution from the lab to the living room

Carla Diana, a Smart Fellow, explores the future of robotic technology in everyday household products, as new developments in robotics are allowing for more intuitive and human-like user to computer interaction.

Press: May 7, 2015

Iot-Inc. Podcast: More like an experience than a piece of hardware

Gordon Hui talks to Bruce Sinclair, host of the IoT-Inc. Podcast, about the business side of the Internet of Things. Listen here.

Press: May 7, 2015

ArtsHub: Ten designers who are changing the world

Leading up to to Design Week, Design ArtsHub names Smart co-founder Dan Formosa one of the top 10 designers changing the world, based on our work on the Ford SmartGauge.

Press: May 6, 2015

Core77: Seven tips for nailing that design job interview

Interested in working at Smart Design? Director of Design Russell Blanchard offers some great interview tips for multi-disciplinary designers.

Press: May 1, 2015

American Banker: What Zappos and T-Mobile can teach banks about customer service

Jessi Pervola’s latest opinion piece in American Banker on how banks can start to redesign their broken relationships with customers.

Press: April 28, 2015

Medium: The secrets of the Chief Design Officer

As part of a series of think pieces about The Design Economy from the UK’s Design Council, Smart Design Partner Richard Whitehall weighs in on the rise of the Chief Design Officer.

Press: April 15, 2015

Teen Vogue: The skin care contraption that will prep your skin for Prom

Our client La Lumiere makes light therapy skin care affordable and convenient for teens and adults via Illumask, a wearables, therapeutic mask.

Event: April 15, 2015

Heather Martin to speak at PD+I 2015

Heather Martin, Smart Design’s Vice President of Design, will be presenting “More Than a Product…” at the upcoming PD+I 2015 Conference in London.

Event: April 14, 2015

Brandy Fowler to speak at the NWA’s 2015 Annual Education and Networking Conference & Exhibits

Brandy Fowler, an Associated Director of Strategy at Smart Design, will present at the 2015 Annual Education and Networking Conference & Exhibits.

Press: April 2, 2015

Fast Company: Davin Stowell on 35 years of Smart Design

Davin Stowell, Smart’s founder and CEO, discusses his 35-year career, how to design products with meaning, and why he feels like he’s never had a real job.

Press: March 26, 2015

PAGE Magazine: Interview with Jessi Pervola

PAGE Magazine spoke to Jessi Pervola, our Director of Design, about the changing role of design and how designers can help infuse more effective strategy and innovation thinking into organizations.

Event: March 24, 2015

Smart Design included in new Museum of Modern Art exhibition

Smart Design’s work on the OXO Good Grips paring knife and jar opener is included in the This is for Everyone: Design Experiments for the Common Good exhibition at MoMA.

Event: March 18, 2015

Sean O’Connor to speak at Digital Shoreditch 2015

Sean O’Connor, Smart Design’s London Studio Lead, will present a session called “Helping to Solve a Global Health Epidemic” at Digital Shoreditch 2015.

Event: March 16, 2015

Bernardo Schorr to speak at FITC Toronto 2015

Bernardo Schorr, interaction designer at Smart Design, will present the track “Making Mixed Reality Living Spaces” at FITC Toronto 2015.

Event: March 12, 2015

Heather Martin to speak at Digital Shoreditch 2015

Heather Martin, Smart Design’s Vice President of Design, will present a session called “TV Made Just for Me” at Digital Shoreditch 2015.

Event: March 12, 2015

Davin Stowell featured in Gary Hustwit’s new design book

Smart Design founder Davin Stowell will participate in a panel event on March 25 to mark the release of documentary filmmaker Gary Hustwit’s new design book, Helvetica/Objectified/Urbanized: The Complete Interviews.