Real Business: With power of Sadiq Khan behind them, can London’s black cabs slam on Uber’s breaks?

Smart Design’s Nathaniel Giraitis on the lessons to be learned from disruption

Responding to London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s recently announced plans to improve the city’s cab services, Uber claims that these upgrades favor black cabs. Based on Smart Design’s deep experience designing New York’s Taxi of Tomorrow, Nate Giraitis shares five lessons that London’s traditional cabs should learn from Uber.

Nate’s insights inform how the traditional cab market can flourish and challenge Uber, so that both of these services can successfully share the road. This includes driving business growth by emphasizing the unique strengths that set traditional taxis apart from taxi hailing apps, as well as new opportunities to solve the challenges that people face when finding a ride.

Nate Giraitis is Associate Director of Strategy at Smart Design in London. To read his full article in Real Business, click here.